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5 Preferable Website Development Strategies to Charge-up Your Businesses
Website development strategies

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In this ever-evolving digital world, it is essential to stay alert to all the major web development trends and technologies surrounding you. This way, you can future-proof your business abilities, access different career opportunities, and potentially learn more.

As new technologies are on the rising curve, the web development field has progressed which leads to the advancement of dynamic websites and progressive web app solutions.

The number of websites on the internet today is above 1.8 billion.

Every website has its specific idea and strategy, whether it is associated with design, development, content, or digital marketing. But in this ocean of numerous websites, how many sites are following the most recent web development trends? The answer is very few.

It is worth noticing that the technology landscape is quickly progressing, which also includes web development.

We observed new web development trends emerging every year, and keeping a track of these trends ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest features and not following the traditional paths. Most of the website visitors today prefer to stick to a site whose content and designs are eye-catching and innovative.

If you also want to see the conversions rising, implement these latest web development trends in 2021.

Consequently, outdated websites see degeneration in conversion rates.

That’s the reason businesses and developers need to recognize the current web development trends and what does the future hold for web developers? Technology expansions have shown great advancement in the past few years.

Let’s discuss the biggest website development strategies transforming 2021. 

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps is a combination of regular websites and mobile apps and is a top website development strategy. PWAs are quick to load and can perform the purposes of a native app even without internet connectivity.

This technology gained modern developers’ and investors’ attention due to its prospective to achieve a high-quality user experience close to native app one.

According to Statista, 65% of online shopping orders through the website were made with mobile devices in 2019.

Progressive Web Apps’ increasing website trend makes it viable for users to access their favorite websites on a mobile web browser or desktop.

PWAs in 2021 will be written with CSS and HTML, React, JavaScript, or Angular. In addition to a great user experience and no need for additional programs, Progressive Web Apps can send push notifications and offer users offline access to cached content.

Many well-known businesses such as Pinterest, Starbucks, Twitter, etc have developed their PWAs and realized growth in user engagement.

The reason you would require PWAs is, it includes wonderful features like offline access, driving engagement, higher security, efficient user experience, etc. All of these features together make Progressive Web Applications the most promising website development strategies.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Bots

 Utilizing Artificial intelligence or chatbots to build intelligent machines is becoming an important part of website development for business. 

It has been believed that next year bots will turn out to be more self-learning and will easily match specific user’s requirements and behavior. That means that 24/7-operating bots will be able to substitute support managers and save expenses for many companies. 

Big B2C companies already utilizing this technology to serve their customers, official page chatbots within Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp are good examples.

In 2021, we will see more alignment of AI-based services in powering and enhancing the core business processes. Even the eCommerce store owners are utilizing it in large quantities for building websites and delivering personalized recommendations to their customers. 

Bot’s rise will also impact website development strategies in web design, especially UX one.

The major advancement of AI and machine learning technology lead to demand for virtual assistant projects, which is not only about product serving algorithms or visual experience, but also about suitable sound design.

Building a website with Chatbots is also a great source of perceptive computing models. These software applications have made way for human-to-human communication in the absence of an actual human being sending responses. 

The main advantages of AI-based bots are a 24/7 problem-solving perspective, human-like experience, and consumer behavior analytics. 

3. Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Applications are time savers because they don’t need to download an additional web page or click on different links to reach a source of information. These days, with high-speed Internet standards, there is no need to be held on a method where every single action made on the page like clicks on different buttons leads to an additional web page downloaded from a server. 

Single page application (or SPA) is one of the new and innovative website trends that helps us avoid smooth communication with the server and show improved page performance and offer a high data protection level. SPAs increase their popularity because of the JavaScript framework’s rise. Working with them to build a website you intercept specific browser events and request JSON which appears like working with a web application. Recent web trends observation makes it clear that in the future most efficient websites will be built as SPAs. 

Why do developers in 2021 prefer the SPA approach to build a website?

SPAs have more probabilities to hold users’ attention as they give the impression of being fast operating — SPAs deliver users with immediate feedback as compared to regular sites with their white screens before the page will be downloaded completely. Single-page sites also consume less and could work deprived of server-side code at all APIs. Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Pinterest, Airbnb, LinkedIn, etc are some of the biggest and well-known platforms to have built with SPAs.

4. Voice Search Optimization

The web development future seems to be with less text and more with voice commands and it’s not only about virtual multifunctional home assistants such as Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home. In 2021, more than half of all smart and IoT devices will listen to users and execute commands given by voice. And especially they will be able to identify the voices of different people and deliver a tailored AI-based experience for everyone. 

Voice search is the most significant example of technology that was executed more than a year ago. In the future, people would prefer to spend less time typing commands as devices could comprehend them. That’s why most companies are now wondering over how to enhance their physical and digital products for voice search and voice commands. 55% of all households globally are estimated to have voice assistants implemented by the end of 2022. 

The most recent web development trend is voice-activated devices and voice optimization for regular websites and mobile apps. Building a mobile-friendly website utilizing AI, voice search optimization is useful for both end-users and owners. Initially, it saves time and permits a user to order more with online shopping and services. Secondly, this technology is multitasking. Thirdly, it gains users’ extra dependability as helps them to manage with routine. And, finally, voice command usage is a great source of user behavior analytics.    

5. Mobile-First Development

Over the last few years, the mobile-first approach in website development for startups has increased traction. Now, this will be an immutable web development trend for every website. This is because the number of mobile users has exceeded the number of users using desktop devices. 

In 2021, there will be considerably more mobile devices than regular personal computers and now, as per the recent study by Statista we’ve got as much as 54% of the Internet traffic consumed with mobiles and tablets or mobile-friendly websites. So no wonders that web design trends incline to be more about mobile-friendly websites than horizontally-oriented desktops. 

Mobile-first development is an idea according to which you start thinking out your product giving mobile screen and other mobile hardware features such as efficiency and physical buttons engagement as the main tech framework you need to work with.

In other words, you do not exercise the desktop-oriented site and then deal with adapting it to the mobile-friendly website, but start with a light, usually minimalistic, and spontaneous product that is easy to cooperate with using mobile. 

In 2021, it is recommended to provide content with no decorative worthless elements, decrease page number and avoid using columns, use triggers with a mobile-oriented call to use vivid colors, simple geometric shapes, different color schemes, and artworks. 


Applying the web development trends listed above can make your business more proficient in helping your customers right. Integrating the latest web development trends enables developers to settle their users with extraordinary user experience, increase their web apps’ ranking, and open new markets for their products and services. Therefore, if you have not yet started applying these trends, it’s time you must start considering these and get them implemented with the help of a leading web development company.

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