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5 Signs That You Need to Focus on Social Media Strategy

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The true worth of social media strategy has been acknowledged by businesses of all sizes and scales. It is very essential to make your website visible to the targeted audience and consolidate your brand through this selling channel. This keeps your business going and growing with a solid online presence. But you cannot take a set-and-forget approach to social media marketing because things are dynamic on the internet and what works today may be laid off tomorrow. So you cannot afford to relax, even after spending a lot of time and money developing your campaign.

You need to stay updated with the latest trends and strategies so that you could acquire all the benefits with your hard work. The only need to uphold your competitive edge is by revisiting your strategy and approach time and again and fine-tuning it according to the audience’s prospects and varying trends in the industry. Moreover, you need to be vigilant about some signs that indicate the need for a makeover of your social media strategy.

Social media marketing and digital marketing strategy require an ever-changing approach with its continuous new features and services. You notice new social platforms popping up frequently, and your audience has more and more expectations for your brand presence. Therefore, you simply need to refine your approach to Social media marketing. So, let’s check 

5 signs that you need to refine your approach and focus on social media strategy.

1. Not Maximizing your ROI

Seeing noticeable results from your social media marketing efforts is always the goal, but are you getting the noticeable return on your investment (ROI)? For this, there is a need to determine your cost per acquisition (CPA). This means how much money you are investing to pick up a new customer. As you track your social media marketing campaigns, it’ll become clear that some channels give healthier results than others. Your goal should be to bring in the maximum customers at the minimum cost with effective social media marketing in your business. You can only decide your actual ROI by comparing results from various channels and multiple campaigns. If you notice that your numbers are going down in certain segments, it’s time to make some changes.

2. Outdated Platform Audience

Everything you do on social media should only be focused on reaching a targeted audience. Your social media strategy should reflect that by comprising actual audience personalities. When you create these personas, remember that they are never set in stone. Do you know who you’re aiming for with your social media activity? That must be in your social media strategy, and it should always be the latest. Your basic need is to find your right audience and know what they want, what their needs are. This requires studying the audiences on different social media platforms and generating personas for each of them.

When you know your targeted audience or the people you’re reaching out to via your social accounts, you see more productive results. When you keep your strategies up to date, you never lose touch with the people you want to see buy from you.

3. Customer Support Section Missing

Your social media strategy is missing a necessary component if it doesn’t have a customer support section. You cannot close your eyes to the need for social customer support anymore. Your social media strategy must take account of info for how you’ll handle complaints, issues, and even compliments. If customers are complaining about you and your services, paying no attention to them can make matters exponentially worse. If users are having issues with your product or service, you need to respond and thank them for telling you and assure them that you’re working hard to fix the issue. If customers are admiring you, this is a great opportunity to shape that praise into brand loyalty.

In your social media marketing strategy, write out when you’ll engage, how you’ll take part, and what you should do in case of a social crisis. Give your employees a course of action for handling customer support on social, but don’t limit them to a script. Replies should always sound natural and be tailored to the particular mention. When you have a proper customer support section in your social media strategy, you give your social activity a lift because people are expecting it from you now.

4. Focusing on Wrong Priorities

Your social media marketing and digital marketing strategy should always revolve around fixed business objectives. To make the most out of social media, your business should find the stability that allows for reaching a sale while also providing proper service to your customers by giving them valuable information, through your blogs, and helping them to solve a problem they are having. To bring in leads, you can offer an eBook or webinar that requires a form submission. Use social media advertisements to further give emphasis to its value and reach, but keep it appropriate to the audience you’re targeting.

Your social media promotion strategy and SEO should make room for multiple precedence, and not only focus on the end sale. Social media is all about being engaging and developing a community first. Lead generation can be obtained using social media as a social platform, not a press pedestal.

5. Outdated #hashtag Research

Few of the social media platforms use #hashtags to connect user content. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are the common social media platforms that use hashtags for social media promotions. Does your social media strategy include up-to-date hashtag research for these popular and social influencer platforms? Your social activity is missed if you don’t use hashtags or if you use the wrong ones. The hashtags you’re presently using won’t always be the most effective over time. You need to constantly research it for a correctly updated social media strategy.


Do any of these signs strike a chord with your business? If so, it may perhaps be a time to go ahead and revive your social media strategy. Hiring a reputed social media marketing agency could be the best solution as building a social media marketing strategy is probably one of the toughest things to do as it requires you to step back and look at the big picture. A successful social media marketing service and SEO is all about being flexible and learning from your mistakes. You need to be a step ahead of the competitors and always be up to date with the market trends at all times. At the same time, a continuous eye on the search algorithms is essential to keep your plan ready.

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