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7 Reasons Why Magento Is A Preferred eCommerce Platform in 2021

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The e-commerce market is continuously expanding at a rapid speed and as shopping is going online, all businesses are looking forward to opening their online store to sell their products and services. When you start your online business, one of the major decisions you’ll make is selecting an e-commerce platform that will ensure scalable, long-lasting growth. There are many outstanding e-commerce web development solutions out there like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more, they can ease the task of building a user-friendly and effective e-commerce website. But, leading brands like Samsung, Ford, Nike, Nestle Nespresso, Omega Watches, Christian Louboutin, Bulgari, and others trust Magento. Ever wondered why? 

Magento serves effortlessly to all the needs, be it a small business or enterprise level. Magento website development is certainly easy to use, flexible, and packed with remarkable default features, making it a highly-preferred platform. Magento is voted as the number one e-commerce system by the Internet Retailer B2B and 11% of the US-based websites use Magento as the favorite platform. 

Magento is an e-commerce platform, developed as an open-source technology. It provides a variety of different features such as shopping cart systems, controlling content and functionality, catalog management. Magento is the most effective solution for building an e-commerce website that reflects your brand and products. 

Why Choose Magento eCommerce Development?

Let us look at the reasons why Magento is a leader and a true choice in the e-commerce industry.

1. Open-Source Platform

Magento is a free open-source platform developed using PHP and several other open-source tools which ensures the store offers robust performance and enhanced security for developers as well as merchants. The Magento Community Edition is completely free, you can easily install or use any version of Magento CE you want. Magento website development allows their developers to flexibly customize, modify or extend the source code for more advanced functions or default feature optimization.

Additionally, Magento development services also have full adaptability with installing extensions that are built to fulfill business demands as well as improve customer experience instead of interfering with the source code. As a result, Magento web development has full control over what to do with their Magento websites, or how to improve or modify to meet their requirements, and adjusting other management activities to serve their own needs.

2. High Scalability 

Magento website development is highly scalable, which means that Magento can support all types of business sizes, from very minor to huge enterprises. For example, you can start your business on a small scale with a limited quantity of products, but Magento does permit us to widen your business scale with an unlimited number of products. The high scalability is one of the reasons why Magento website development is the best fit for every business type, from small online business to medium and giant enterprises.

The scalability of the Magento website makes it the best option amongst the available e-commerce solution platforms. Magento development platform will never fail to amaze you with its performance and the level of dependability it offers.

3. High Security

Security standouts as the most significant matters if you are considering any E-commerce platform for the website development solution. When it comes to Magento, the safe e-commerce website development solution, security is always guaranteed at the highest level to make sure that websites are full of safety for the whole time. Magento development services establish a security center to regularly provide users with every piece of info about security, security patches, security updates, and practices along with quick support in need.

Furthermore, with the assistance of the Magento development platform, must-have security components such as PCI compliance or SSL certificate are also accomplished. Hence, it can be said that Magento creates an impeccable system of security to achieve business requirements and also thoroughly protect websites from internet attacks, hacking, and so on.

4. Ease of Integration

Third-party integration is just a task done with the quick and easiest approaches, with the Magento e-commerce website development. Magento comes with unlimited free integration of third-party components resulting in quick website development solutions. Whether it is payment gateways, database applications, shipping extensions, or tracking extensions, it is easy to integrate with the Magento store. This offers more prospects for customization and developing the best possible store.

Magento website development comes up with the finest system to easily integrate so many third-parties to the website, exclusively tools such as built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics or Google Checkout, payment systems (Paypal, Braintree), the database application, shipping tracking, and so on.

5. SEO Friendly Websites 

A well-characterized SEO is very essential for every business. And amazingly, Magento comes with effective SEO components to reduce your fears about ranking on SERPs such as sitemaps (HTML and XML) URL rewrites, metadata, and so on. Magento offers out of the box tools that you might not be able to find on other platforms.

According to a study that compares SEO features between E-commerce platforms, Magento ranks in the first position by defeating other e-commerce platforms. Working with a dependable Magento e-commerce platform, site advancement becomes quite simple.

6. High Performance

From the outlook of website performance, Magento is one of the pioneer platforms in efforts to offer the best performance and improve user experience as much as possible. Fast loading time along with effective processing query time makes the Magento website perform better than ever, encourage customers to explore content or products on the web page, and particularly reduce page rejection rate as well as increase conversion rate.

Additionally, store owners can freely enhance their website performance in many ways by hiring a Magento developer from a renowned eCommerce development company.

7. Mobile Experience

In the era of mobile devices, Magento is proactively keeping pace with this global trend among the leading eCommerce development companies by providing an E-commerce platform with great mobile-friendliness. Magento website development is responsive not only on the desktop but also on mobile devices and other currently popular devices such as tablets or notebooks. Everything on the desktop is appropriately customized and enhanced with the mobile interface.

Therefore, when the whole world appears to be toward mobile shopping or mobile reading, Magento web development plays a significant role in improving customer experience by offering store owners a multi-responsive Magento website on all devices.


Whether you have an existing online store or you are planning to start one in the future, always select a platform that fits your budget and preferences. Magento can be your best choice as Magento website development is cheaper as compared to other platforms and many Magento development agencies offer many unbelievable features at a lower development cost.

If you buy Magento enterprise edition, you will get a scope of features such as division with targeted offers, return management authorization, value and promotions, improved catalog management, a customizable CMS, and many more. In the case of an established business, you can hire Magento developers from any reputed eCommerce development company to create a scalable online store with features and functionalities of your choice. 

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